Refactoring JavaScript

If your JavaScript is a mess, frameworks can only do so much to help. No matter what framework, "compiles-to-JS" language, or library you use, bugs and performance concerns will always be an issue if the underlying quality of your JavaScript is poor. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn how test and refactor your existing code to help reduce complexity, improve readability, and gain confidence in the codebase.

“Highly recommended for devs who'd like to improve the quality of their code and expand their perspective on refactoring.”

“Refactoring JavaScript is all about how to code in an efficient, well thought out, and easily understood manner. It does not matter if you are trying to improve your own code, or working to improve someone else’s, there are plenty of fantastic ideas contained in this book.”

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About the author

Evan Burchard is a Web Development Consultant and the author of "Refactoring JavaScript" and "The Web Game Developer’s Cookbook." Offline, he has designed an award-winning kinetic game involving stacking real ice cubes, and periodically picks up his project to walk across the U.S.


I offer a few services to help you with code quality, testing, and confidence.

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"Evan is a patient mentor who helps break problems down into manageable steps. While working with him, I learned tools to use on my own to carry on with our work independently, and he championed a high standard of code quality that instilled good habits I’m proud to bring with me to work. I’d highly recommend him for leveling up your individual skills and thinking in the bigger picture about how to maintain code quality at scale." - Claire

"Evan is a natural teacher and was instrumental in developing our team. His thorough and thoughtful code reviews and patient instruction greatly accelerated training our newest engineers. Through a commitment to quality and confidence, he sets a standard of well-considered, process-driven code." - Matt

"Evan is thoughtful and patient; two enormously important traits when it comes to teaching and mentoring. His ability to identify my level of skill and apply that when going over complex problem sets always helped to facilitate open conversation. No suggestion or advice was ever overly prescriptive and I never felt lectured at. His keen sense of empathy created a trusting relationship which inevitably elevated and sped my professional development in software. Thanks Evan!" - Erin